1.  My scent diffuser won't connect to WiFi 

Make sure your phone is connected to your home WiFi network and that your WiFi network is capable of running on dedicated 2.4G or a WIFI6 router. The app will not work on a 5G router.

Make sure you have your home WiFi password ready to input and it is the correct password.  Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal prior to attempting to connect your phone to your scent diffuser.  Prior to attempting to connect your phone to your scent diffuser, press and hold the mode button on the LCD display on your scent diffuser for approximately 5 seconds until you see a blinking C come up on the LCD display screen, then press the WiFi connect icon.

2.  My scent diffuser isn't diffusing any fragrance

Your scent diffuser is able to set different time periods for when it will run and when it will stay off.  Make sure your scent diffuser is programmed to be running during the time period you are currently trying to use it in.  Semi-annually fill your fragrance bottle with rubbing alcohol and run the scent diffuser for 10 minutes.  This will help keep the atomizer and scent diffuser's parts clean and working.  Try cleaning out the small 1/4" filter at the bottom of the straw that is placed inside the fragrance bottle or replace the straw and filter combo with the extra one that shipped with your machine.

3.  My scent diffuser LCD screen is showing random numbers that I didn't program and the scent diffuser isn't working

Leave your machine in the off position for 48 hours and then try to restart it.  This issue is typically caused when some form of water is introduced into the scent diffuser and usually resolves itself when the scent diffuser is allowed to dry out.  Remember, never try to dilute your oils with water or any other ingredients to make them last longer and only use Scented Vents oils for best results.

4.  My mobile app shows that my scent diffuser is disconnecting from the internet frequently

This issue occurs when the home WiFi isn't issuing a strong signal or when you lose connectivity temporarily.  Usually the scent diffuser regains connectivity almost immediately and there is no loss of effectiveness or efficiency.  We are working to remedy this issue on our next app revision by making the scent diffuser less sensitive to varying WiFi signals.


If you have any further questions about your Scented Vents product please contact the  HVAC service company that installed your machine or complete the form below.